Best Philosoraptor Quotes

Philosoraptor is one of those image macro memes that not only survived for a few years now, but still thrives in places like tumblr blogs. The reason it’s so popular is that the wise velociraptor has pretty much infinite wisdom to impart on us puny humans. Have fun browsing some of the best Philosoraptor quotes and pictures below.

Philosoraptor - Pinocchio Paradox

Philosoraptor - Two Wrights Make a Plane

Philosoraptor - Tornadoes in the Bible Belt

Philosoraptor - Fucking Magnets, How Do They Work?

Philosoraptor - Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?

Philosoraptor - Can One Simply Walk into Mordor?

Philosoraptor - Life and Death

Philosoraptor - Possible and Impossible

Philosoraptor - Were Dinosaurs Too Heavy for the Ark?

Philosoraptor - Yoghurt That Expires in 2013

Philosoraptor - NSFW

Philosoraptor - Is Ketchup a Smoothie?

Philosoraptor - First Man to Milk a Cow

Philosoraptor - Final Fantasy

Philosoraptor - Iron Man, the Fe-Male

Philosoraptor - God and Days

Philosoraptor - Robot Dancing

Philosoraptor - Round Lens, Rectangular Pictures

Philosoraptor - Polyjuice Hair

Philosoraptor - Why is there a Tree in the Kitchen?

Philosoraptor - How is Baby Oil Made?

And here are some more assorted Philosoraptor pictures:

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  1. Cassie says:

    I love these meme’s!!! They’re freaking awesome!!! haha.. yeah, I’m a big fan of too. Sorry, I just wanted to post something! :)
    but I really do love these Philosoraptor Meme’s! They’re so true..

  2. Jeffy says:

    I too love these meme’s….Thank you for making me laugh.)))

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