Best of Troll Science

Nothing is impossible when the trolls of the internet put their minds to it. If they had their way, energy / oil / whatever companies would go bankrupt, and we would have infinite lives, money, water, food and everything else.

This is a pretty popular meme. Some guys even showed it to a physics professor a while ago, who (predictably) picked it apart real quick. Still, there are some pretty funny ideas in there. Check out these top troll science pictures and see for yourself:

Troll Science - Burning Building

Troll Science - Infinite Wind Energy

Troll Science - Free Slipstream

Troll Science - Homeopathy

Troll Maths

Troll Physics - Stick is Faster Than Light

Troll Physics - Flying Swimming Pool

Troll Science - Benjamin Button

Troll Science - Free Apples

This is the original troll physics picture (perhaps the first one ever made) of a magnet-powered car:

Troll Physics - Magnet Car

And here are some more of the best troll science comics for you to browse:

Pictures via Troll Science tumblr and other sources.

5 Responses to Best of Troll Science

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  3. Schnozzberry64 says:

    1: create machine that separates CO2 and makes diamonds out of the carbon and powers windmills with oxygen.
    2: ???
    3: Profit!!!
    Global warming will go bankrupt!

  4. TheMagzuz says:

    The one with the stick wouldn’t work becuase the speed of “push” is the same as the speed of sound

    • Monica says:

      I’m still here, less than I used to be for various reonass. If I do decide to cease commenting here entirely, it won’t be after leaving in a public huff, which is just silly. I’ll just go if I ever want to go.I made my opinions regarding trolls known before. As far as I’m concerned there are only three trolls who post here, and two of them have reduced their presence significantly. They might all be the same person, who knows? The trolls do make the comments section here less attractive and ignoring them does not work. Althouse doesn’t want to change blogging platforms even though Blogger is a terrible, dated and poorly maintained wreck, so it’s no use suggesting she change.I do not appreciate your insinuation that I use multiple accounts to post comments, Jason. I have never posted a comment here under any other name than Palladian. You seem to have some sort of problem with me. I’m much easier to ignore than a troll. I suggest you try.

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