Best of Troll Science

Nothing is impossible when the trolls of the internet put their minds to it. If they had their way, energy / oil / whatever companies would go bankrupt, and we would have infinite lives, money, water, food and everything else.

This is a pretty popular meme. Some guys even showed it to a physics professor a while ago, who (predictably) picked it apart real quick. Still, there are some pretty funny ideas in there. Check out these top troll science pictures and see for yourself:

Troll Science - Burning Building

Troll Science - Infinite Wind Energy

Troll Science - Free Slipstream

Troll Science - Homeopathy

Troll Maths

Troll Physics - Stick is Faster Than Light

Troll Physics - Flying Swimming Pool

Troll Science - Benjamin Button

Troll Science - Free Apples

This is the original troll physics picture (perhaps the first one ever made) of a magnet-powered car:

Troll Physics - Magnet Car

And here are some more of the best troll science comics for you to browse:

Pictures via Troll Science tumblr and other sources.

4 Responses to Best of Troll Science

  1. yo bitch says:

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  2. yo bitch says:

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  3. Schnozzberry64 says:

    1: create machine that separates CO2 and makes diamonds out of the carbon and powers windmills with oxygen.
    2: ???
    3: Profit!!!
    Global warming will go bankrupt!

  4. TheMagzuz says:

    The one with the stick wouldn’t work becuase the speed of “push” is the same as the speed of sound

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