Best of Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is one of the more interesting rageguy-inspired memes. It’s a MS Paint drawing of a stickman who will accept any sort of challenge from any person. Some of these meme images are really funny and / or badass. Check out some of the best Challenge Accepted drawings ever created below:

Win7 on Pentium II - Challenge Accepted

Google Maps Kayak - Challenge Accepted

Do Not Challenge This Gate - Challenge Accepted

A Worse Song Than Friday - Challenge Denied

Tanks - Challenge Accepted

I used to do this all the time back when I was in school:

Class Assignment - Challenge Accepted

And check out some moar Challenge Accepted pics:

According to KnowYourMeme, this fad started out on forums, although those guys weren’t using Paint to actually draw it back then. Now it can be found all over the internet, for example, in this tumblr blog.

5 Responses to Best of Challenge Accepted

  1. My favorite meme! Really awesome!

  2. kfentd1 says:

    better meme than this? challenge accepted.

  3. Haha my absolute favourite meme.

    You can’t drink a bottle of Jack and still operate a boat. Challenge accepted.

  4. viikktor says:

    make something more terrible that troll face fails,
    challange accepted

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