Parseltongue Mom

Rage Comic - Parseltongue Mom

Some squib named doyouevenusername from f7u12 laments the difficulties of having a descendant of Slytherin for a parent.

Father and Son

Father and Son Ice Cream Rage Comic

rus33 from r/f7u12 illustrates the everyday heroic sacrifices that fathers make for their sons.

Ylvis – The Fox, a New Viral Phenomenon

Move over, Gangnam Style. The hottest viral music video these days is “The Fox” by a Norwegian comedy music duo called Ylvis. The video combines surreal visuals and lyrics, and likely appeals to furries. Watch the clip below to learn what does the fox say:

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Even Ansberry

Even Ansberry is an almost-meme that started with a funny Captcha Art* comic born in the dark depths of 4Chan. Many different versions of Ansberry were created and you can read them below. Enjoy all the Even Ansberry captcha comics below, and check out our menu on the right for more awesome Captcha Art.

Even Ansberry Zombie Apocalypse (Original)

Even Ansberry Original

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Dick Drawings

Dick Drawing on the Moon

Via imgur.

Drawing dicks is something that never gets old, as illustrated by this awesome color rage comic. It happens in real life, too: NASA isn’t beyond such immature acts, as proven by their dick drawing on Mars.

10 Captcha Art Pics

Captcha art is still one of the best memes on the internet. As long as there are captchas and MS Paint, there will be captcha comics. Enjoy the latest top 10 list below.

Bro Dollars

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Best of Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake is the latest meme to sweep across the internet. These viral videos involve a masked person dancing to Baauer’s Harlem Shake, completely ignored by the people around them. Then, 15 seconds later, all hell breaks loose as everyone starts “doing the Harlem Shake” and dancing like crazy. Many videos feature odd outfits and costumes, nudity, and general silliness – there are no rules when it comes to doing the shake!

Harlem Shake videos uploaded to Youtube by people from all around the world have received more than a hundred million views combined in just a week. This phenomenon has attracted media attention, which compared the popularity of Harlem Shake to that of Psy’s hit song Gangnam Style. Below you will find the top 10 Harlem Shake videos which contributed to the spread of this meme.

#1. Norwegian Army Harlem Shake
My personal favorite.

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